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101年 以雲端為基礎之自行車觀光社群服務系統


(Cloud Based Service System of Social Network for Bicycle Tourism)



The purpose of Cloud Computing is to integrate any resources of diverse software and hardware into one service, delivering manifold services to users by the internet, around any network working place, through a unified window, by any terminal equipment, to which according to the different service modes to access and satisfy the users’ needing, enjoying the convenient at anywhere and anytime from Cloud Computing. Owing to the increasing of national income and the ascending of living level, so does the needing of tourism, the tourism vigorously developing, and the real time suitable tourism information service is more important nowadays. Integrating the green industry and green mode to effectively improve the value of leisure tourism is the important trend currently, by which the leisure tourism development of city and country are pushing forward gradually.

The goal of this project “A Cloud Based System for Bike Tourism in Social Networks”, is to integrate academic unit of human resources and research resources of Chung Hua University, aimed at the topic of Cloud Computing, Tourism Leisure and Green Industry, integrated the vision and target of Chung Hua University, and utilized the advanced Cloud Computing technology, to improve the value of bicycle usage and tourism services, and form the characteristic of future research and development of the University, by which to construct the Chung Hua University into a Green Industry University as the powerful application and investigated school that integrated the tourism and Cloud Computing. In the meantime, considering of the quickly changing environment worldwide and the objective of everlasting development of natural resources, this project is going to involve the topic of Eco-tourism, by the classifying evaluation and inquiry of the satisfaction, to construct the new paragon of the integral design of bicycle Eco-tourism and services management.


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